Master Kiều Công Lang

(member of VVN VVĐ Federation of Western US)

Achievements and Accomplishments:

Red Belt 4 Dan (International Rank: Black Belt 8 Dan)

1966: trained as Vovinam VVĐ instructor for Military Police Corp., Republic of Vietnam
Armed Force at Hoa Lu Training Center (Saigon)
1967-1968: Master in Charge of Military Police Corp. training center (Biên Hòa), Republic of Vietnam Armed Force, 3rd Corp.
1969-1970: Assistant Master for Master Trịnh Ngọc Minh (Nha Trang)
1975-1983: imprisoned in Communist’s political labor camp (Communist Gulag) at Vĩnh Phú (Tân Lập)
1984-1986: Assistant Master at 5th District trainning center (Nguyễn Trãi)
1990-1994: Master in Charge at Tân Bình District training center (Saigon)
1999: immigrated to the United States (HO/28)
1999-2005: Master in Charge of Nguyễn Bá Học training center (Westminster, California)
2006-present: Advisor for Vovinam VVĐ Pomona training center
2006-present: Advisor for Vovinam VVĐ Federation of the Western United States

Master Cúc Phạm


Master Nguyễn Bá Dương


Master Tâm Nguyễn