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July 04, 2023



Vovinam of San Diego | Commitment & Dedication

As we reflect on our recent events, we’re reminded of the strength of our community, particularly those working quietly in the background. Their unwavering commitment truly mirrors the tenets of Vovinam. In their silent contributions, they’re helping us nurture a resilient foundation for our youth, fortifying the legacy of Vovinam for generations to come. Together, let’s extend our deepest gratitude for their commendable efforts.

Note: due to the spatial constraints inherent in the format of a single image, it is regrettably not possible to visually represent all contributors. However, it is essential to highlight that every one of you, who has been discreetly contributing to the Vovinam community, holds a significant place in our recognition and appreciation.


Closing the Loop

As part of our commitment to continual growth, adventure, and improvement, we would like to express our gratitude for the honest feedback you’ve provided us. We want you to know that we take every bit of it seriously, and we’re currently in discussions with our esteemed instructors and masters to rectify the highlighted areas of improvement. These candid conversations are critical to our ongoing growth and the continued prosperity of our Vovinam community. We thank you for helping shape the future of our beloved martial art.


1. Fundraising Result

On behalf of our entire Vovinam community, we want to express our deepest gratitude to all contributors, especially, Phan, Khanh, and Cô Lan (Master Chinh’s Wife). Your dedication and hard work as main fundraising coordinators and distributors have been truly outstanding and directly contributed to the success of our recent events. The tireless effort and time you’ve devoted have not only helped us greatly financially but also united our community in a shared purpose. We are in awe of your spirit and commitment, and we sincerely thank you for enriching our Vovinam journey. You all embody the strength and unity we strive for in Vovinam.

In Case You Missed

1. Belt Test PromotionWe know that the journey of martial arts is one of continuous learning and growth, and every Belt Test Promotion is a testament to that journey. Remember, each step forward, no matter how small, is still a progression and we are extremely proud of every one of you.

Let’s keep improving, keep striving, and most importantly, keep moving forward. Because the spirit of Vovinam is not just about being better than others, but being better than we were yesterday.

2. The 63rd Anniversary in Commemoration of the Late Founder & Fundraising Events

The journey of our founder, Nguyen Loc, exemplifies the spirit of Vovinam, a spirit marked by resilience, dedication, and a deep love for our homeland. 

As part of the Federation’s Performance Team, you and your children can embody and amplify these core values to the world. This is more than performance; it’s about paying homage to our roots and continuing the path our founder set before us. Parents, let’s inspire our young ones to seize this opportunity, to write their own chapter in our Vovinam story, upholding the founder’s spirit of strength, courage, and independence.

Upcoming Events

Picnic Labor Day | TBD

@Ski Beach, San Diego

Knowledge is Power

Self-defense vs. Sport: Understanding the Dual Role of Martial Arts

Self-defense: The primary motive behind the creation of most martial arts, including Vovinam, was the necessity for self-defense. These techniques were developed to give individuals the skills to protect themselves and others in real-life dangerous situations. Training in martial arts helps you improve your reflexes, enhance your situational awareness, and equip you with the techniques you need to disable an attacker effectively. This aspect emphasizes practicality, precision, and situational application of techniques.
Sport: Over time, martial arts have evolved into competitive sports that test skill, strategy, and athleticism. These competitions push martial artists to refine their techniques, speed, strength, and endurance. In a sporting context, martial artists learn to control their actions, follow rules, and demonstrate respect and sportsmanship. This facet of martial arts emphasizes technical proficiency, physical fitness, and a spirit of healthy competition.

As Usual

1. Collection of Annual Fee (Niên Liễm) for VVN VVĐ FWUS
– Students/instructors: $30
– Masters: $50
The fee will be used by Liên Đoàn (our Federation) and Tổng Liên Đoàn (World Federation) to fund Vovinam-related activities such as our picnic, performance, belt test promotion, tournament, etc.).

2. Linda Vista Recreation Center Quarterly Registration [Summer: FULL]
We appreciate your support on this!

3. VVN SD Facebook Group
We have created a Facebook Group. We are also looking forward to further engaging with you on this social media platform together with our website.

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